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Our lead time at the moment is approximately 4weeks as we are closing 25th June for a fortnight's holiday. Back to the forge 11th July.

Quad Tangle Table Centre Candlestick


Our Quad Tangle Table Centre is an incredibly eye-catching piece that has been designed to sit in the centre of a dining table to keep the candlelighting low and unobtrusive whilst looking fabulous at the same time. It really comes into its own at Christmas when decorated with ivy for that stunning table centre piece.

Each one is individually handmade to order using traditional blacksmithing skills.  Because they are so handmade each tangle is different and very unique and will no doubt differ from the one in the picture.  They will however all be of the same approximate proportions and sizes.

Size approx 28'' long x 9'' wide and candle dish diameter is 5''